What’s the cost of a real versus an artificial Christmas tree?


It’s almost Christmas time. There are notes to Santa, shelves full of goodies, and shoppers wondering which type of Christmas tree to buy.

What is the better choice for Christmas trees? A real tree or an artificial Christmas tree? What factors do you consider when choosing one for your home?

The choice is yours! Find out which kind of tree will bring you and your family the most joy this holiday season. Real or artificial? You will find out soon.

Let’s start with price

 What is the price of a real Christmas tree?

 Currently, the price of a live Christmas tree at Home Depot ranges from $65 to $110. Most local Christmas tree farms charge by height, with 78 dollars for an 8-foot tree and 80 dollars for a 7 foot tree.  And yes, sales of real trees increased by 20% between 2017 and 2018, reaching a total of about 32.8 million.

 From 2015-2017, real trees cost 17 percent more than they did as eco-conscious shoppers sought out local trees, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

 Approximately how much does an artificial tree cost?

A Christmas tree’s price varies according to its quality, height, and other special features (such as pre-lighting).¬† In 2018, the average price of an artificial tree was $104.

At Home Depot, prelit LED trees currently cost a minimum of $159, with additional bells and whistles putting the price higher. Artificial Christmas trees are available anytime, which is one of their most significant advantages.

Peak sales usually take place during the last two weeks of December or during the end of the holiday season.

According to ACTA, the cost of purchasing and replacing an artificial tree is three times that of maintaining a real tree every year.

If you are concerned about cost, it would be better to buy an artificial tree.

You don’t want your guests to be disappointed with this year’s blend of Christmas ornaments on your tree!