Artificial Christmas Trees Theme: Paper Ephemera

christmas tree

When it comes to artificial Christmas trees, one of the biggest benefits that people find is that since they are using this tree year after year, they can afford to have a different theme each year. There are many people who change their themes every year to ensure that they have something that is considered current for that year and what is considered in style for that year. One of the themes that they are going to find is popular with artificial Christmas trees is using paper ephemera.

What is Paper Ephemera?

Paper ephemera are paper items that were originally meant to be discarded, but for whatever reason that they are still around. You are going to find that this is one way to make your artificial Christmas trees even more personal, as using this type of decor is going to do just this. So, what type of paper are we talking about?

Many people go and find old papers from antique shops and the like, that have significant numbers on them. For example, maybe your lucky number is 7…then finding paper products that have the number 7 on them is going to be a way to personalize this tree.

Now, after you decide to find certain papers that you are going to be using on this tree, you are going to find that you will want to add some color to this tree. That is why this theme is often taking bright balls of different colors and putting these onto the tree with the paper. It is just one thoughtful way to make your tree stand out and to make it something that has a deeper meaning than just buying any ornaments that you can find to put onto this tree.