Oceanic Prelit Christmas Trees Theme


Why Oceanic Prelit Christmas Trees are Making a Splash this Holiday Season

For most people, decorating their Christmas tree is just something that they have to do. However, whenever you decide to do a themed tree, you are going to find that it makes decorating your prelit Christmas trees even more fun! And one of the themes that many people are finding is a great one to have that makes them feel excited to decorate their tree is an oceanic theme.

An oceanic theme for prelit Christmas trees is going to allow you to have a bit of the coast right inside your home. Imagine looking out your window and seeing snow and ice, but looking at your tree and imagining the beach that you spent the summer at. It makes you feel warm and toasty.

So, how can you make an oceanic theme with your prelit Christmas trees?

We have a few tips!

1. Use an assortment of blues throughout the tree. Why blue? This is going to help create the ocean feel that you immediately notice when you go to the beach. You will find that darker blues, Caribbean type of blues and even a sky blue is going to all blend together to create that special ocean look.

2. Get ornaments like shells, lighthouses, anchors and other types of items that fit into this theme. You are going to find that this is really going to help tie the entire theme together.

3. Make sure that your tree skirt is one that blends in with this theme. Many people choose to get a tan tree tree skirt that will look a lot like sand to help bring this ocean theme to life!

You can even add some personal touches like photo cubes that include pictures of your trips to the beach. This is one theme that will be fun, yet also festive.