How to Get the Christmas Smell with Artificial Christmas Trees


What smells do you associate with Christmas? For many people, they think about the pine scent that the real tree gives their entire home. Other people may think about the smell of freshly baked cookies throughout their home. For those with artificial Christmas trees, they are going to find that the pine scent may be the one thing that you miss the most. After all, the artificial Christmas trees are much easier to maintain, as you never have to worry about watering this or cleaning up the needles that will fall off. So, how can you get the smell of Christmas in your home even though you are using artificial Christmas trees?

The art of Christmas scent: How to enhance your artificial tree

We have a few ideas, even if you are not a fine of pine scent, we have other scents that are associated with Christmas that you can integrate into your home.

1. Find a candle that smells like fresh Fir trees and burn this throughout your home periodically. Don’t use it all the time, as you will find that you can become “nose blind” to this. Instead, burn it for a few hours and blow this out.

2. Hang cinnamon sticks in the tree that you have. You can hide these if necessary if you don’t want them to be seen. But, you will find that cinnamon is one of those scents that bring about that wintry, Christmas feeling.

3. Who can forget that song, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, as being a huge Christmas hit! So, how can you make this smell come to life in your home? Find those candles out there that are designed after this song. Or better yet, if you have a fireplace, be sure to burn some aromatic wood to really have your home smell and feel cozy!

4. Love the smell of fresh-baked cookies? You can easily place some cookies into your oven (something that everyone will love to eat), and then let the aroma fill your home. If you don’t want to constantly cook cookies, then find those candles out there that are smelling like cookies!

One of the best ways to make your entire home feel like Christmas, is to pay attention to the smell of your home as well. When combined with all the decor that you put up and the like, you are going to find that the smell is just the finishing touch on this!