How to Make Artificial Wreaths and Garlands A Part of Your Christmas Bonfire

tree with lights

Are you planning a Christmas bonfire this season but want to stay in the comfort of your home? You can have a bonfire in your backyard and enjoy the chilly weather. You can invite your friends over and gather some amazing memories with them.

You might already love this idea but have no idea how to decorate your front lawn for the bonfire party. In that case, you are at the right place. In this article, we will explain how you can use artificial wreaths and garlands to make your Christmas bonfire look wonderful:

1. Decorate the Front Door

Artificial wreaths give a warm and welcoming feel to the guests. You can create a customized wreath and hang it on your front door. A green-colored wreath with red berries will give a vibrant feel to your party. You can also hang the artificial garlands on the border of your door to give a vignette effect.

2. Decorate the Windows

Artificial wreaths and garlands will look incredible on the exterior windows. However, you can include some sparkling lights and make your home look more beautiful. Furthermore, you can also decorate the garlands with bows to give them a more Christmassy appearance.

3. Decorate the Trees

If you have trees in your backyard, don’t keep them simple. You can add vintage lights, artificial wreaths, and garlands to make your yard look stunning. Your guests will never forget the vibe that your lawn will hold if you surround the bonfire with these Christmas decorations.

4. Decorate the Chairs

You can hang different types of wreaths on these chairs. You can even create unique wreaths for each of your friends. Include a note in the wreath with their name so they know where they can sit. If you are planning a Christmas-themed bonfire, you should think outside the box in terms of decorations. Decorate the backside of the chair with an artificial wreath and garlands as they will look superb.

5. Decorate the Table

For the garlands, you can follow the same theme as chairs. However, you can be more creative with the wreaths. If you want a cozy and warm type of vibe, you can create woolen or pom-pom wreaths. The wreaths can also include fairy lights, beautifying your table.

6. Decorate the Fences

Now, if you want to attract passerby and neighbors, you should decorate the fences as well. When your neighbors look at your home, they will feel the spirits of Christmas. Furthermore, your friends will get the vibe of the party when they see the house from a distance. To decorate your fences, you can add some lights along with artificial wreaths and garlands. Also, you can add red or colorful bows.


While decorating your yard with artificial wreaths and garlands, make sure you follow a theme. It would be a Christmas theme, but your wreaths and garlands should collectively represent a complete message. All the above ideas will bring festivity to your Christmas bonfire party and will make your friends sing the Christmas carols.