The Glamorous Touch Your Artificial Christmas tree Is Missing

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Artificial Christmas trees are a fantastic addition to your holiday decorations, and adding ornaments to them is even more fun. For a long time, natural Christmas trees were crucial for Christmas décor, but using artificial Christmas trees is more convenient and hassle-free. After all, you can do a lot with your Christmas tree.

If you have already decorated it, and feel like there’s a spark missing, then there could be something you could do to glam it up a bit more. If you want to attain that extra glamorous touch in your artificial Christmas tree, read further below to get some decorating inspo and tips!

1.     Scent it up

The one thing that artificial Christmas trees usually don’t offer is the scent, unlike natural Christmas trees that give out a fresh crisp smell. Adding fragrance to your Christmas tree using pine needle essential oils or pine-scented ornaments can be a good way to bring realness to your artificial Christmas tree. It also adds to the festive atmosphere, so your guests will feel right at home!

2.     Choose a Unique Tree Stand

The plastic tree stand on your artificial Christmas tree may be off-putting for you. You can change that by covering it with a homemade Christmas-themed cloth or something that matches the theme. You can also cover the stand with pinecones. This gives the tree a more glamorous look and adds to its appearance. It will definitely make all those Christmas presents look real good.

3.     Add Fake Snow

If it’s not snowing where you live, don’t worry! You can still have a white Christmas inside your home. Your artificial Christmas tree may be missing a bit of that artificial snow which could help create a whole new look. You can sprinkle fake snow on each branch to give it an additional touch. This would definitely also make your tree look very real.

4.     Fluff it up!

Sometimes artificial Christmas trees tend to look very empty and thin. It just needs a fuller look and you can do that by fluffing out the branches. You can do this by fanning out the needles and keep fluffing them up to fill in the negative spaces it leaves. This usually depends on when you take your tree out of the box, the branches cramp up, causing them to lose their fullness.

5.     Add a Green Garland

Garlands always give an added touch of richness to a tree, and it’s necessary if you like traditional decorations. If you feel like your tree still looks naked, drape the tree with a long green garland, or any other colors that match the color scheme you’re going with.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these tips, you can now give your artificial Christmas tree a fuller look that gives it a realistic appearance. These are definitely the few things your tree may be missing out on, and it’s time to fix that.