Pro tips for keeping your pre-lit trees

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Except you choose not to water or prune them, pre-lit Christmas trees have absolute long-lasting tendencies—they can last for decades if you treat them with maximum care. Keeping your pre-lit tree beautiful is easy if and only if you’d put in some time and extra effort.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find premium tips on how to keep your pre-lit Christmas trees.

Storage bags will help

You can protect your pre-lit Christmas trees from sunlight and dust using the storage bags that come with them. Besides extending the life of your tree, it will also help in retaining its initial quality. You can also use the original container the tree comes in to store the tree when it’s not in use.

Take off dust

Pre-lit Christmas trees can accumulate fine dust over time. But you can deal with this by cleaning your tree with a dry cloth or feather duster before storing it.

Avoid too much sunlight

While sunlight is good for the body, it isn’t good for your pre-lit Christmas tree. You should avoid exposing your tree to sunlight. Its material may warp from its original shape when exposed to heat or humidity. Store your artificial tree in a cool, dry location to prevent this type of damage.

Bring down trees before they dry out.

The more time you wait, the more dead pine needles you will have to deal with. You can easily clear fallen needles using the hose on your vacuum. To draw needles directly into a bag or canister, simply use the end of a hose without fancy attachments.

As soon as you’ve finished with your tree, you have the choice to compost, recycle, or convert it into mulch yourself. Also, you can ask your town about its disposal options, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option.