How to Hang Christmas Ornaments Safely

bumps and tree

What is one of the biggest issues that people have when it comes to decorating their trees? They often find that if they are not careful enough, these Christmas ornaments fall and shatter! The key to this not happening is learning how to hang these Christmas ornaments safely! The good news is that we have several tips that you can use to help ensure that you get all your ornaments hung without there being a ton of these broken in the end.

Understanding Ornament Weight Distribution and Structure

1. This is not a race! Instead of racing to see how fast you can get the tree done, be sure that you are taking your time. Slowing down is a big way to stop the number of ornaments that are dropped!

2. Use hooks to hang these ornaments. While ornaments have a string on these that you can use around your tree branches, you will find that the strings are where a lot of people drop these. Instead, use a hook attached to this string to hang these onto the tree, as you will find that this makes it easier and less likely to drop.

3. Super heavy ornaments need to be placed further onto the branch, not on the end of the branches. You will find that the branch further back can hold these heavier ornaments that you are wanting to put on your tree.

4. Remember that heavy ornaments that are breakable can be hung lower to the ground. The idea is that maybe by being lower to the ground it will not completely break if it were to not fall at such a high height.

Whether you are hanging glass ornaments, a few ornaments that have some meaning to you, you don’t want these to become broken. So, take your time and be gentle when it comes to hanging these onto your tree.