DIY Christmas Ornaments: Dried Fruit

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Why Dried Fruit is a Great Material for DIY Christmas Ornaments

Before there were manufactured ornaments, those who had Christmas trees often used various ways of decorating these. For example, some would hang fresh fruit on their trees, pine cones, and other items that were readily available. Once these manufactured ornaments came to the market and become more affordable, people starting flocking to these, since they believed they would be easier and they quickly became something that people passed down to the next generation. Today, these Christmas ornaments are made of just about anything that you could think of ranging from super heroes to cartoon figures that people love. However, with many people having some extra time on their hands due to the pandemic, the DIY ideas about Christmas ornaments really started to take off.

One of these DIY Christmas ornaments ideas that has really taken on a new life is the use of dried fruits. They are super easy to make, they do add some scent to your tree, and a dash of color. Plus, many people really like the fact that they are doing something that may have been done hundreds of years ago!

Ways to Use Dried Fruit for Creating Christmas Ornaments

So, how do you use dried fruit on your tree this year? First, start with the fruit of choice. Citrus fruit is going to work best, so think lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, limes and other varieties. Then you are going to want to slice these pretty thin. Not, so thin that they can be seen through, but much thinner than you would normally do, and make sure that you keep the skin on these so that they can be hung from the tree.

Bake the fruits on a baking sheet at 450 degrees for 25 minutes. Then check these, are they starting to shrivel up or look dry? If not, then continue baking. The time that you bake is really going to depend upon the thickness of the fruit.

Once these have been baked, then you need to let them dry on the baking sheet for at least 24 hours. This ensures that they are going to harden and allow you to hang them on the tree. To hang, you simply need to thread some thread through these. Many people opt for a clear thread so that these look as though they are dangling from the tree. The end result is a tree that smells citrus-like, while also having a dash of color. It is a super simple project for those who have a bit of extra time on their hands!