Traditional Themes with 15 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

ione white ball on the tree

There is nothing that is traditional about 15 foot artificial Christmas trees. These are gorgeous trees all on their own. They are tall, full and will look as if it was a tree that graced a field for many years. While a 15 foot artificial Christmas trees are not something that works in everyone’s home, thus they are not considered standard, for those who have the room, they will be gorgeous trees. And you can make this more gorgeous with the décor that you are using to decorate this.

For those who are want to use a traditional theme with their 15 foot artificial Christmas trees, they will find this simple enough to do! Traditional themes are often going to contain colors like red, green, white, silver and gold. In addition, they may have traditional ornaments like bulbs, candy canes, icicles, snowflakes, Santa Claus, and much more. You will find that combining all of these elements can help you create a tree that is homey, warm, and inviting to those who step into your home.

With this being said, for those who want to use the traditional theme on their 15 foot artificial Christmas trees, we have a few tips to make this easier for you!

1. Be sure that you have a ladder handy. With the height of these 15 foot artificial Christmas trees, you will need this help to ensure that all the ornaments are evenly placed on the tree.

2. Go with a star or Angel topper, as these are traditional toppers to use.

3. Don’t forget the garland. Most traditional themed trees are going to use a ton of garland to help this look even fuller, and this can be a great way to add in some silver or gold.

4. Get the entire family involved in decorating this tree. This will make the end result even more beautiful, and with a tree of this size, the more hands on deck the better.

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