6 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees: Showing Purple Some Love

beautiful shot christmas ornament

When it comes to how you decorate your 6 foot artificial Christmas trees, you have options. And for those who are looking for something a bit different, why not embrace some purple? Purple is a color often associated with elegance, so it can pair well with your 6 foot artificial Christmas trees. But, do you put the entire tree in purple d├ęcor or do you mix this up? It is completely up to you!

For those who love purple and want to use this on their 6 foot artificial Christmas trees in their home, they are going to find that these ideas could really help to bring this purple theme to life!

1. Pair purple with hunter green. This is an elegant, yet earthy kind of approach that many people find is gorgeous once they are done. They often put some gold neutrals in throughout the tree to bring this to life even more.

2. For those who want to go with all purple, pair a darker purple with the lavender all over the tree. It is going to be super purple! You can even add in some matte silver throughout the tree to make this even better.

3. Purple and black is another way to go. This is a bit darker, but for those who want a smoky elegance to their tree, they will find that this works great. It is dark, but with white lights on these trees you can make it a bit brighter.

If you love purple, then let this love shine even on the trees that you are using in your home this year. There is nothing that says you have to go with traditional colors, you can go with whatever you feel like. Trees are easily one of the ways that you can show your personality!

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